In the realm of high-performance computing and gaming enthusiasts, the quest for the most effective thermal compound has never been more critical.


Our RCC-Series radiative coating is a revolutionary product designed to passively dissipate heat in high-temperature outdoor environments. 
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Advanced Cold Plates

Equipped with a retrofit-friendly water block, our Advanced Cold Plates offer a solution tailored for seamless integration into pre-existing liquid and immersion cooling infrastructure.
Coupling strongly to our Wx-Series Thermal Compounds, these cold plates expand the capabilities of traditional DLC and pave the way for the adoption of the next generation of high-powered, high-performance computing hardware. 
Our pilot program began January 2023 to evaluate the technology in production settings with strategic partners and frontrunners in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) domain. Please contact us if you would like more information about how to participate.

Optically Coupled Radiative Heatsinks

The culminating achievement of our company’s mission — to create the world’s first optically cooled data center — is our Optically Coupled Radiative Heatsink.
This groundbreaking technology not only builds on our advanced ceramic cold plate design, but also incorporates a Super-Planckian thermal emitter which transforms heat energy deposited into the cold plate into coherent narrow-band thermal radiation. 
Our radiative heatsink will be capable of delivering an astonishing 1MW of passive cooling power per rack — completely devoid of any electricity or power consumption. We envision this revolutionary product to be a game-changer, poised to confront the impending cooling crisis associated with future high-density processors. Moreover, it offers a genuinely green alternative to traditional cooling systems — an innovation that can genuinely change the world as we know it. 
But this is just the beginning.