Dissapative Radiative Coatings

Our RCC-Series Radiative Coatings is a revolutionary product designed to passively dissipate heat in high-temperature outdoor environments.

Consisting of uniquely tuned metamaterials, these coatings are engineered to reflect solar radiation, resulting in an average temperature reduction of 20 degrees Celsius.

This innovative solution employs a water-based polyurethane formula, offering a user-friendly application process suitable for virtually any surface. Whether it’s stone, metal, ceramic, brick, asphalt, concrete, or textiles, our coatings can be easily applied to enhance thermal performance.

For applications experiencing performance challenges due to excessive heat or those aiming to cut cooling costs, our Dissipative Radiative Coating is an optimal solution. These innovative coatings not only improve efficiency but also contribute to substantial cost savings in environments battling persistent high temperatures.