Advanced Ceramic Cold Plates

The ultimate aim at our company is to pioneer the world’s first optically cooled data center, and our innovative ceramic cold plates represent a critical stride towards achieving this vision. While copper cold plates have garnered near-unanimous favor within the industry, due to their high thermal conductivity, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturing-friendly soft metal characteristics, we recognized the need for an alternative that aligned more precisely with our radiative cooling technology.

Copper, despite its merits, falls short in several key areas for us: its low thermal emissivity, its reflective metallic properties that obstruct radiation, and its susceptibility to warping. Consequently, we sought an alternative that would offer high strength, low thermal expansion, excellent thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity, high thermal emissivity and heat absorption.

Our pursuit led us to technical ceramics—a material class that not only met but exceeded all of these criteria. By marrying ceramic cold plates with other cutting-edge advanced materials, we’ve managed to create a window through which the infrared light generated by our radiative thermal compounds can pass. 

What sets our Cold Plates apart is their synergistic design to couple with our Radiative Wx-Series thermal compounds, a combination that significantly lowers chip temperatures and boosts performance. Maxwell Labs leverages metamaterials and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to engineer Cold Plates capable of delivering unparalleled cooling performance precisely where it’s needed most.

Equipped with a retrofit-friendly water block, our Radiation-Enhanced Ceramic Cold Plates offer a solution tailored for seamless integration into pre-existing liquid and immersion cooling infrastructure. They pave the way for the adoption of the next generation of high-powered, high-performance computing hardware. As of now, we’re piloting this product with strategic partners and frontrunners in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) domain. 

Partner with Maxwell Labs

Join our mission to build the first data center cooled entirely using light! We are actively seeking partners looking to integrate radiative heatsink technology into chips, server enclosures, racks and other datacenter cooling infrastructure.