Maxwell Labs

Maxwell Labs is bringing integrated photonic cooling to high-performance computing. 

At Maxwell Labs, we perceive that the industry’s forward-thinking vision is insufficient. They are adopting solutions that will reproduce the same cooling and energy challenges before the invested implementations can pay off. 

Since founding Maxwell Labs, our team has been dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of an innovative new technology known as radiative cooling. Our goal is to overcome the fundamental limitations of current cooling systems and the escalating demand for green, energy-efficient solutions. By harnessing the supreme capabilities of matter and light using cutting-edge computational tools for large-scale nanoscale thermal transport optimization and Materials Science, we aim to efficiently cool the next generation of high-density processors using light – enabling advanced energy recovery systems and all-optical cooling of future supercomputers, microprocessors and power electronics. 

By incorporating these new technologies into our radiative heatsink design, we aim to spur the advancement of the next generation of high-density processors – and address the energy crisis that looms over future data center development.

The name Maxwell Labs is a reference to the mathematician and physicist responsible for developing the theory of electromagnetism – James Clerk Maxwell