Maxwell Labs

Founded in 2019, Maxwell Labs is bringing AI-driven materials science to high-performance cooling infrastructure. Our company’s products integrate complementary thermal interface materials, advanced ceramic cold plates, dissipative coatings, and novel radiative heatsink tiles with the aim of combining these elements to effectively cool the next generation of high-density processors and create the world’s first entirely optically-cooled data center.

At Maxwell Labs, we perceive that the industry’s forward-thinking vision is insufficient. They are adopting solutions that will reproduce the same cooling and energy challenges before the invested implementations can pay off. 

Over the years, we have been dedicated to the research and development of innovative new technology known as radiative cooling. Our goal is to overcome the looming limitations of future cooling systems and the escalating demand for green, energy-efficient solutions. By harnessing the supreme capabilities of matter and light using cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning, and Material Science technologies, we aim to efficiently cool the next generation of high-density processors and establish the world’s first fully optically cooled data center.

By incorporating this radiative cooling technology into thermal compounds, advanced ceramic cold-plates, and radiative heatsinks, we aim to spur the advancement of the next generation of high-density processors. Moreover, we strive to address the energy crisis that looms over the future development of data centers.

The name Maxwell Labs is a reference to the mathematician and physicist responsible for developing the theory of electromagnetism – James Clerk Maxwell