HPC Solutions

A new technology needs to emerge. Tech Spot 

The computing and microchip industry, especially High-Performance Computing (HPC), data centers, and advanced AI applications, faces an urgent demand for efficient and sustainable cooling technologies. With the advent of the next generation of high-density chips and the ever-expanding scale of data centers, the quest for affordable, effective, and sustainable cooling solutions is a challenge many are striving to resolve.

At Maxwell Labs, we perceive that the industry’s forward-thinking vision is insufficient. They are adopting solutions that are likely to reproduce the same cooling and energy challenges before the invested implementations can pay off. A fresh technology needs to arise.

Over the years, Maxwell Labs has been dedicated to the research and development of innovative new technology known as radiative cooling. Our goal is to overcome the looming limitations of future cooling systems and the escalating demand for green, energy-efficient solutions. By harnessing the supreme capabilities of matter and light using cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning, and Material Science technologies, we aim to efficiently cool the next generation of high-density processors and establish the world’s first fully optically cooled data center.

Our core technology fine-tunes and magnifies the thermal radiation emitted by a heat source. This restriction confines the energy within a slender frequency band of infrared light that aligns with Earth’s atmospheric window.

By incorporating this radiative cooling technology into thermal compounds, advanced ceramic cold-plates, and optically coupled radiative heatsinks, we aim to spur the advancement of the next generation of high-density processors. Moreover, we strive to address the energy crisis that looms over the future development of data centers.

Industrial Solutions

Our RCC-Series Radiative Coatings is a groundbreaking product designed to passively dissipate heat, particularly in high-temperature outdoor environments. The specialized composition of our formula includes metamaterials specifically fine-tuned to reflect solar radiation, which results in average temperature reductions of 20°C.

Being a water-based polyurethane mixture, our product is simple to apply and boasts wide applicability. It can be efficiently used on almost any surface including stone, metal, ceramic, brick, asphalt, concrete, and textiles.

For those applications grappling with performance issues due to excessive outdoor heat or those seeking to curtail cooling expenses, our RCC-Series Dissipative Radiative Coating emerges as an excellent choice. It is an innovative solution offering both thermal performance enhancements and cost savings.

Space Solutions

Our Super-Planckian Radiative Heatsink technology holds tremendous promise for space applications. The game-changing nature of Super-Planckian radiative cooling lies in its passive operation, compact size, and superior cooling power density compared to other passive cooling technologies. This makes it a revolutionary solution for a wide range of space devices, satellites, and vehicles.

To put it in simpler terms, our technology can significantly decrease the size and weight of existing space cooling systems, which are predominantly composed of bulky materials.

We’re proud to have received the AFWERX SBIR Phase I Grant from the Department of the Air Force, and we are now endeavoring to secure the AFWERX SBIR Phase II Grant to further progress our technology.