Radiative Thermal Compounds

Maxwell Labs’ Wx-Series radiative thermal compound is a breakthrough in technology catering to the next-generation of high-density processors. Utilizing advanced AI-driven technology and Materials Science, it amplifies thermal radiation, outperforming traditional pastes. Compatible with all cooling systems, it refines heat energy into precise infrared frequencies, enhancing cooling effectiveness. This innovative compound marks a significant step in our mission to harness the synergy of light and matter for optimal cooling.

Cutting-edge Radiative Cooling Technology:
WX-130 maximizes cooling capabilities by utilizing next-gen technology to convert heat into light, enhancing thermal transport efficiency.

Superior Performance: Our product employs advanced thermal metamaterials providing unrivaled results. This highest performing, polymer-based thermal interface offers superior performance amidst high-density chips.

Optimized Thermal Radiation: WX-130 harnesses a precisely-tuned narrow band of infrared light frequencies, refining and amplifying thermal radiation to ensure optimal performance from your heat source.

Exceptional Thermal Conductivity: Achieve efficient heat dissipation with exceptional thermal conductivity of 15W/m-K. WX-130 thermal compound amplifies the potential of your existing cooling infrastructure.

Versatility: Suitable for a multitude of applications – from gaming consoles and laptops to air and liquid coolers, WX-130 harnesses the ultimate power of light and matter to ensure a cool, smooth performance.

Video comparison of WX-130 thermal paste (right) to a leading competitor’s paste (left) on a RTX2070 GPU. Notice the WX-130’s brighter glow? This isn’t just a visual effect; it indicates superior radiative properties.

More About the Product

In the realm of high-performance computing and gaming enthusiasts, the quest for the most effective thermal compound has never been more critical. The next generation of high-density chips are posing substantial challenges, pushing system integrators to exhaust all available cooling advantages to deliver optimal performance.

Our radiative thermal compound sets a new standard, unrivaled by any traditional thermal paste currently available on the market, and stands as one of the highest performing polymer-based thermal interface materials ever developed. At Maxwell Labs, we have devoted years to the pioneering AI-driven materials science to commercialize radiative cooling technologies, setting our thermal compound distinctly apart. Our core technology refines and amplifies the thermal radiation released by a heat source, confining the energy to fall within a precisely-tuned narrow band of infrared light frequencies.

Essentially, by enhancing TIM performance through radiative thermal transport, we maximize the effectiveness of existing cooling infrastructure, whether it be air, liquid, or immersion-based cooling systems.

Our radiative thermal compound represents a significant stride towards our overarching mission to harness the ultimate cooling power of light and matter.