What is Radiative Cooling?

Radiative cooling is a natural process that everyone and everything experiences. It is the process by which a body loses heat by thermal radiation. This process is particularly noticeable on a clear night, where surfaces can become colder than the surrounding air.

In the context of technology, radiative cooling can be used to cool and insulate surfaces without the use of electricity. This is achieved by taking advantage of Earth’s atmosphere allowing a certain window of thermal radiation to escape into space without being absorbed or reflected back by the atmosphere.

Radiative cooling technology essentially involves designing metamaterials that emit thermal radiation within this window. When exposed to the sky, these metamaterials radiate heat into space, subsequently providing a cooling effect. This technology can be used in numerous applications such as buildings, vehicles, electronics, and industrial equipment, decreasing reliance on power-intensive cooling devices and fostering energy conservation.

At Maxwell Labs, we have devoted considerable time exploring how this technology can be implemented in various fields. Our RCC-FiC 167 Radiative-Cooled Dissipative Coating is a water-based polyurethane mixture that is non-toxic and easy to apply to almost any surface such as stone, metallic, ceramic, brick, asphalt, concrete, and textiles.

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